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Using Domains with Shared Hosting or External Products

This document will take you through the process of administering a domain that you have registered with Tagadab. It covers adding and editing DNS records for your domain as well as how to associate your domain with an existing hosting package.

NOTE: This guide assumes you have an existing understanding of DNS. If you are unfamiliar with editing A records, CNAME records and MX records, please start with our guide, “Understanding Domain Name System (DNS) Records.”

This guide will instruct you on how to:

The Main Domains Page

  1. Once you’ve logged into your online control panel at, click the ‘Domains’ link at the top of the page (see Screen 1).

    Control Panel

    Screen 1

  2. You will see the domains you have registered with Tagadab and can begin administering them from this screen (see Screen 2).


    Screen 2

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Administering a Domain Linked to a Tagadab Hosting Package

There are two types of domain administration pages: one for domains that are linked to a Tagadab shared hosting package and one for all other domains. Both are covered below.

  1. From the ‘Domains’ page of your Tagadab Control Panel, click the ‘Edit DNS’ link next to the domain you want to administer (see Screen 3).

    Edit DNS

    Screen 3

  2. This page allows you to administer the DNS records for your domain (see Screen 4). Add A, CNAME and MX records using the links at the top of the page by simply clicking the appropriate link and filling in the required fields. Then click the ‘Submit’ button.

    Editing a record using the “Edit” link allows you to change the hostname, content and TTL of a record, but not the type. Changing the type of record requires you to delete the old record and create a new one.

    Edit DNS

    Screen 4

    NOTE: Any changes you make are added to our name servers in a few seconds (you will see the ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ links replaced by a ‘pending’ graphic until the change has been made), but may take up to 24 hours to propagate across the Internet

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Administering a Stand-Alone Tagadab Domain

This section covers administering the default DNS zone of a domain NOT associated with a Tagadab shared hosting package.

    1. To add a new A record, complete the fields with the desired hostname, content and TTL value. To add a CNAME or MX record, click the appropriate link above the hostname field and fill in the fields as with A records, adding a priority for MX records (see Screen 5).

      Adminsiter a Stand Alone Domain

      Screen 5

    2. You can also edit and delete existing records by using the appropriate links to the right of the page. When editing a record, you can change the content, hostname and TTL of a record, but not its type. Changing the type of record requires you to delete the old record and create a new one.
    3. Changes made on this screen are uploaded to our name servers. During this time, you will see a ‘pending’ graphic in place of the ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ links. The upload is complete once the ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ links reappear. Please note that DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to propagate across the internet.

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