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Tagadab Accounts

Tagadab Accounts

Updating Your Tagadab Account Details

Editing Your Profile

  1. Go to and click on the “Log In” button in the top right corner of our home page. Enter the email address and the password you originally used when registering with Tagadab. Click on the “Login” button.
  2. You will now see the main page of your Tagadab Control Panel (see Screen 1) where you can manage the details of your account. Click on the “Edit profile” link in the top right-hand corner.


    Screen 1

  3. Here you can change your address, e-mail, phone number and security question (see Screen 2). Once you’ve made your updates, click on “Save Changes” to save the new information.

    Note: Your email address is currently being used as your login username. If your email address should change, your login username will remain the same until you manually change it.

    Change details

    Screen 2

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Updating Your Control Panel Password

Click on the “Edit Password” link from the main page of the Tagadab Control Panel (see Screen 1). Enter your old password, new password and re-enter the new password (see Screen 3). Then click the “Save Password” button.

Change password

Screen 3

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Changing the Credit Card Used for Services

Click on the “Edit Payment Arrangements” link from the main page of the Tagadab Control Panel (see Screen 1). Check the service(s) you wish to modify and then select the appropriate payment method. Make sure to tick “Yes” in the “Replace immediately” section and click “Update” (see Screen 4).

CC change

Screen 4

Editing Credit Card Details

  1. Click on the “Edit Credit Card” link from the main page of the Tagadab Control Panel (see Screen 1) to see the credit card(s) we have on file for you. Removing a card is allowed only if there are no services associated with it. Allocate services to another credit card first by clicking on the “Edit Payment Arrangements” link (see Screen 5).

    Edit CC

    Screen 5

  2. To add a new credit card, click on the link “Register a new card” (see Screen 5) and enter the card details as shown in Screen 6. Click on “Yes, I confirm my payment” to save to your account details. This step will not generate a charge on your account.

    Add Credit Card

    Screen 6

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