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Tagadab Policies

Tagadab Policies

Privacy and Cookie Policies

Our privacy and cookie policies are set out below.

Privacy Policy

1. Ordering our products:

To process your order we need to know information about you and/or your company to provision and fulfil your order quickly and effectively. This information will include, but is not restricted to, your name, address, contact details and billing details. You will have the option to opt out of any information that is not required for the order to be processed and we will not collect any data from you that you have not provided yourself. Your online customer interface will allow you to update and edit this information as you see fit.

2. Service updates from Tagadab:

When you sign up to a Tagadab service you can opt in to Tagadab using the information we hold on you to provide you with service updates and marketing material on new products or services that may be of interest to you. If you choose to opt in to any alerts, you can opt out of them at any time from within your Tagadab control panel.

3. Storing and disclosing:

Tagadab will never sell, lease or swap your information with any third party for commercial reasons with the following exceptions:

  1. Customer's credit card information is never stored by Tagadab, but is instead securely transmitted to Ingenico for payment processing. Ingenico is a PCI compliant organisation and you can find their Privacy Policy here:
  2. During signup, we share your contact, location and browser information with Maxmind for the purposes of fraud prevention. You can read more about Maxmind's compliance with the GDPR here:
  3. If you order a domain or SSL certificate, Tagadab will forward on the required information to the SSL issuer or Domain registrar as appropriate.
  4. If you order licensed software, Tagadab may pass on some information as required by the licensor under their terms and conditions. This will typically be the IP address of the server licensed to use that software and your contact information.

Additionally, Tagadab may pass on your contact details to the Police or other competent authority only if it is required to do so by law.

4. Cookie Policy

Tagadab uses cookies in your browser to track which online adverts result in sales. If you click on a Tagadab advert we give your browser a cookie which contains details of the ad you have clicked. When you make a purchase in our online shop that cookie is read to determine which advert brought you to our site. The cookies do not contain any of your personal details, only details of the advert, and we do not use this tracking data for any other purpose.