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Five Ways Windows 10 Hopes to Revolutionise Gaming

By Timothy Jarman |
Windows 10 Revolutionsing Gaming

Despite Microsoft claiming "it's the Windows you know, only better", the launch of Windows 10 heralds far more than just the return of the start menu.  Alongside the anticipated new features - including Cortana, which appears to be the phoenix-like return of the little paperclip chap that blighted the corner of our screens for years - the launch will have wider ramifications for a range of industries, one of which being gaming.

Following a lukewarm reception from the gaming community to Windows 8, Microsoft is under pressure for its latest opearting system to be a big hit.  Here are some of the ways they're trying to win us over:

1. Better graphics
As many expected, the gaming improvements Windows 10 offers are mainly aimed at Microsoft's Xbox One fans, but there are also some exciting prospects for PC gamers.  The most obvious of these is the introduction of DirectX 12, the new version of Microsoft's API and SDK for game delelopment.  In layman's terms, DirectX 12 should mean a significant increase in graphics performance for new games in development.

2. Streaming
What Microsoft has also made clear is its desire to increase the compatibility between Xbox and PC, with Windows 10 allowing gamers to stream their Xbox One games straight onto their PC via a local wireless network.  It's also going to add an Xbox Live app to PCs, so gamers can view their achievements, friends list, activity feed and messages, making it even easier to stay connected to gaming buddies.

3.  Virtual Reality
Microsoft is attempting to position Windows 10 as the OS of choice for PC-based virtual reality.  Corporate VP of the company, Kudo Tsunoda, was quoted as claiming that, "(for Microsoft) Oculus (Rift) is about making Windows 10 the best VR platform both for developers and for consumers".  This would suggest that Microsoft is settng their sights firmly on VR as the next generation of PC gaming so watch this space.

4. Cross Platform Play
Windows 10 integration is set to allow for cross-platform gaming, which previously has never been supported widely enough to really take off.  It looks like Fable: Legends is going to be the first title to support it.  This move should mean a new era of PC gamers being able to take on Xbox users on a level playing field - or battlefield, if you're that way inclined!

5. Minecraft
Finally, for the 100 million Minecrafters out there, Mojang, the game's developer, has announced a new version exclusively for the new OS.  The creatively titled 'Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta' will be free to owners of the current PC game and allows for co-op through Xbox Live.

So has Microsoft struck gold or will this launch be as popular as Windows 8?  Only time will tell.

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About the Author | Timothy Jarman

As a gaming enthusiast, Timothy Jarman became a customer of Tagadab back in 2009.  He valued the service and experience from Tagadab so much, that he asked if there were any positions available in the customer support team.  Tim has been helping our customers with their most technical questions for nearly four years now.  Tim's claim to fame is making it as a finalist on 'Estonian Pop Idol'.  If you're lucky, you just might hear him sing a few lines of his favourite song while he helps with your enquiry.

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