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from Tagadab

Our virtual private servers are ideal for placing complex bets. Installed with the latest Windows Operating Systems, you’ll enjoy lightning quick wagering and reliable connectivity for a more satisfying experience.

Superior Connectivity from VPS

A VPS hosted in our datacentre provides a more direct connection to betting exchanges like Betfair, bypassing the need for a router and DSL/WiFi provider required by a personal computer. This allows you to experience faster, uninterrupted bet placements as well as a more secure connection.

A Tagadab VPS can run 24/7 in our datacentre even if your home PC is turned off. You can start a bot and let it run without experiencing any local power or broadband interruptions, and even power down your PC while your betting activity continues.

Use a Tagadab 1GB or 2GB VPS for a week for just £1. It’s an ideal way to experience the speed and reliability of our virtual servers before moving to the full monthly rate.

Fast and secure Betting Bot VPS


Fast connectivity

Reliable connection

We have an excellent link to betting exchanges, so your bets are secure and continuous.

UK-based phone support

Our expert support team offers hands-on technical assistance to betting bot customers.

High Speed

High speed

Our dependable Windows VPS ensures your bets are placed instantly.

We know betting bots

Tagadab is a recommended VPS hosting company by numerous betting bots, including BFBotManager, BetBotPRO and Betsender, and is currently helping many of their customers successfully run betting bots from virtual private servers.

Our competitive pricing, risk-free £1 trial and easy installation are welcomed features for both experienced players as well as those just starting out.

Ready to order a VPS?  Be sure to check out our VPS usage and set-up guide.

Case Study

Tagadab VPS a Perfect Choice for BFBotManager

Automated betting bot, BFBotManager, chose Tagadab for our fast installation, excellent stability and high-speed internet connection over three years ago. With many of their customers opting to run their software on a VPS, BFBotManager valued Tagadab's exceptional reliability and became an affiliate to recommend us as their preferred hosting provider and generate revenue through customer referrals in the process.

Tagadab servers also enable BFBotManager to test their bots and provide the versatility their customers need. Bot users can log into their Tagadab VPS from anywhere on any device, making it very easy to monitor betting activity from work, the subway or even other countries when away on holiday.

Key features of Betting Bot Hosting with Tagadab:

  • Up to 100 Mbps contended connectivity
  • UK-based phone support
  • Virtual server back-up options
  • Full root/admin access for complete server control
  • Windows operating system
  • Hosting in Tier 2 datacentres
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Risk-free £1 trial
  • Installation in less than 15 minutes
  • SSD available as an optional extra

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