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Welcome to the Tagadab Support Knowledgebase. Here you will finds lots of useful tutorials and guides covering the set up and maintenance of your account and services with Tagadab.

If you can't find the help you need here, please contact us on support@tagadab.com or 0845 873 8365 0800-1800 Monday to Friday

The tutorials are all available in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files (this is a free download).

Your Account

  1. How to: Login and Retrieve a Forgotten Password
  2. How to: Update your account details


  1. How to: Order a new Domain or Transfer an existing Domain
  2. How to: Use an external domain with your Tagadab Server
  3. How to: Administer a Tagadab Domain
  4. Guide: A primer to modifying DNS records

Dedicated and Virtual Servers

  1. How to: Order a Tagadab Dedicated Server
  2. How to: Obtaining your server credentials for the first time
  3. How to: Connect to a Linux Server via SSH or Terminal
  4. Guide: A primer to setting-up and configuring a Linux Dedicated Server
  5. How to: Connect to a Windows Server using Remote Desktop
  6. Guide: A primer to setting-up and configuring a Windows Dedicated Server
  7. Guide: Configure an additional IP address on your Windows Server
  8. Guide: Installing and Configuring Plesk for the first time
  9. Guide: Accessing Cpanel/WHM for the first time
  10. Guide: Create an SPF record on your server using Plesk 11
  11. Guide: Setting up DNS for domains hosted on your Server
  12. How to: Enable Audio Output for a Windows VPS
  13. How to: set up your VPS for automated screen scraping betting software
  14. Guide: IPMI-enabled dedicated servers
  15. Guide: Rescue mode for Linux Dedicated Servers
  16. Guide: Sync your Windows server with a time server
  17. Guide: Configure Windows server to shutdown at a specified time
  18. Guide: Configure Linux server to shutdown at a specified time
  19. Guide: Reset the root password on a Linux server
  20. Dedicated Server Support FAQ

SSL Certificates

  1. How to: Order a Quick SSL certificate
  2. Guide: Installing your Quick SSL certificate