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Available for under £90 (excepting software licenses) the T800 server is an excellent choice for a variety of demanding tasks. Coming with a Quad Core Xeon Cpu and 8GB of RAM the T800 can run a number of demanding web sites and its on-board IPMI (included as standard) provides enhanced reliability. 

Thanks to our automated provisioning system our dedicated servers can be set up and ready to go in as little as 30 minutes from the point of order.

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T800 Specification
Cost From £89.00 + VAT per month
CPU Intel Xeon Quad Core E3-1220, 3.1 GHz, 8MB Smart Cache
HDD 2 * 500GB SATA
Connectivity 100Mbps dedicated network connection
IP Addresses 5 dedicated IPv4 addresses from the start plus IPv6
KVM/ILO Onboard IPMI accessed via web GUI

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T800 Features and extras

Fast, automated installation

Our installation process is fully automated, allowing you to install any available OS at any time of day or night. Most Linux OSes install in under 30 minutes, Windows is ready in an hour.

Online Control

Full control with full root/admin access, unlimited self-service reboots and reimages. You can also manage your IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses, set rDNS records and add features like virtual firewalls.


Set yourself up however you choose with either a Windows or Linux OS and full root/administrator access on all our servers

Control Panels

We offer Plesk and Cpanel/WHM as optional installations for those customers looking for a bit of help when hosting websites for clients. Click here for all your options.

Pre-installed software

A list of pre-installed (but not pre-configured) software that comes with your server install can be found here.

Onboard IPMI

The T800 features Supermicro's integrated IPMI. This allows you to access the console of the server via an online GUI, reboot the server and mount remote media if desired. The IPMI is assigned one of the public IPv4 addresses from the server's /29 range by default.


More information is available in our dedicated server FAQ.


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